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About Treasures

I am a scrooge, a creative and I love a bargain. I am honest, critical, serious, busy, organised and ever changing. I get paid to educate children in the public system but that in no way defines who I am. I am defined by my children, who are my world. I don't dote over them. I do love them. I apply my mothering skills in a way that hopefully leads to having raised fine children who are honest and make the best choices. I am not a massive risk taker, courageous or brave. I like comfort, prediction and ideals. I have recently embarked on a mission to rid some Treasures via a Facebook selling page and it is so far, going well. Treasure hunting is something I love and the thrill of a good find is palpitating. I venture on a hunt at every given opportunity.


School is back and the youngest is sleeping. The chores are done and it’s wet outside. So here I am dreaming…… I keep getting enquiries as to whether I have a shop or just run the business from home. Oh, … Continue reading

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Why fuss?

It was the last day of the school holidays today and as Zaali was playing on her ipod at lunch time she decided to google ‘yummy kid food for lunch at home’ to see what she could have for lunch. … Continue reading

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The curse

Are there many people, other than the very religious, who don’t swear, even occasionally? I swear but it’s generally used to exaggerate a point, in anger, pain or shock – I use the ‘f’ word and although I don’t use it, … Continue reading

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The finest point

  The finest point – honesty. A friend posted this on her Facebook status one time and it has stuck with me since: I used the image from here. I haven’t read the blog it was attached to but google … Continue reading

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Chocolate is my weakness. There are many of us that can admit this and a few that don’t understand it….. I quit once. Yes, I quit eating chocolate. I was in my mid twenties and determined to be fit (skinny) … Continue reading

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I’m back – well, briefly…….

Hello hello It has been quite some time since I’ve been here. After finding the effort applied in writing and publishing wasn’t fairly weighted with the reward of followers and commenters I threw in the towel. I’ve continued reading blogs … Continue reading

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