What do I do and what is this all about?

I collect things, not in any particular category, just whatever grabs my attention.

For about 15 years now, I have been an avid op shopper. I rarely buy ‘new’ anything. It used to be because I loved a bargain and couldn’t believe the things people would donate. It also made me feel good when people would comment and compliment on what I was wearing when, although it was a name brand I had paid only a few dollars at the op shop. I now choose to go to an op shop, or more recently the tip shop, before I go anywhere else and my purchases have progressed from mainly clothes to other things.

Phases come and go – when I was at uni studying education I op shopped and re-sold on ebay to supplement my income. At some stages my visits slowed remarkably because I found I was purchasing unnecessarily or ‘just because’ and ended up wasting money and bringing things home I didn’t really need or want. More recently, since becoming a full time stay at home mum, my visits are much more regular but my choices and purchases are more selective and fewer – maybe because I am wiser but probably more so because I don’t have much money!!

My treasures come in many shapes and sizes but from only a few main sources, op shops, the tip shop, verge collections and gumtree. I am a perfectionist, very well organised and like keeping busy. I only buy things that I like and change things around in my house very regularly to accommodate my treasures. I don’t shop for anything in particular but do have an eye for cool ‘stuff’. I don’t know much about collectables and often find out how ‘valuable’ my finds are when I get home and discuss with google. My peeve is op shops that charge a fortune for trend items, labelling them as retro or vintage. I only buy bargains and I only buy for myself. I rarely sell anything I find because I like everything I find, although, it is getting to the stage where I will have to start parting with some of my treasures.

This blog is my treasures brag – will post as often as I need to with finds.


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