School is back and the youngest is sleeping. The chores are done and it’s wet outside. So here I am dreaming……

I keep getting enquiries as to whether I have a shop or just run the business from home. Oh, how I wish I had a shop. I have so many visions of what I would make it. When I was in horticulture I always dreamed of having a little shop that was an eclectic mix of plants, books and coffee. Somewhere cool to hang out and relax but realistically as nice as it would be it would probably never pay for itself.

Fremantle has always been a favourite place of mine. It hasn’t been a place I’ve frequented as much is the last few years because it kind of started feeling too trendy but Zaali and I went there on Friday and I do still love it. The dreams were happening again – how cool would it be to have a little shop in Freo, so what do I do but jump online and start looking. I found this, this and this. The potential is enormous and I’ve always had an interest in interior design and I know I could make it work. But, there’s always a but, if I opened a shop, how on earth would I manage to go treasure hunting, which is what I love most. Would I be able to cope cooped up in a shop knowing there are treasures to be hunted? At the moment the answer is no.

There is a solution. A house with a shop front. How ideal would that be – live out the back or up the top and work out the front. Be available when home at the ring of a bell or by phonecall or appointment. A little shop in the country with a house out the back.

This would do just nicely thanks.


I’m on the hunt.



About Treasures

I am a scrooge, a creative and I love a bargain. I am honest, critical, serious, busy, organised and ever changing. I get paid to educate children in the public system but that in no way defines who I am. I am defined by my children, who are my world. I don't dote over them. I do love them. I apply my mothering skills in a way that hopefully leads to having raised fine children who are honest and make the best choices. I am not a massive risk taker, courageous or brave. I like comfort, prediction and ideals. I have recently embarked on a mission to rid some Treasures via a Facebook selling page and it is so far, going well. Treasure hunting is something I love and the thrill of a good find is palpitating. I venture on a hunt at every given opportunity.
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