The curse

Are there many people, other than the very religious, who don’t swear, even occasionally?

I swear but it’s generally used to exaggerate a point, in anger, pain or shock – I use the ‘f’ word and although I don’t use it, the ‘c’ word doesn’t offend me.

In unfamiliar social surroundings the most extreme swear words I use are ‘shit’ and ‘bloody’ but even then I sometimes sense an uncomfortable aura eminating from my company.

I think I swear when I am nervous and uncomfortable in conversation. If it’s not flowing naturally or I feel intimidated, I think I swear.

On the contrary, I am quite a serious person, a straight kind of person.  Sometimes people tell me I need to loosen up, not about this subject in particular, just generally. Now here comes an opinion, it is mine, I own it, I know you will judge me but here goes:  I think that when you put yourself in the public eye and expose yourself in the public arena, sincerity is paramount and honesty is integral but is swearing necessary. Maybe it’s just me but the ‘f’ word is pretty harsh, and should be kept in the safety zone, with friends, family and between walls! When I read it in people’s writing, hear it spilling from mouths in public places, every now and then I can deal with it, it’s ok, but when it’s commonplace, it kind of makes me cringe and I can’t help but wonder if the swearer is unknowingly and with absolutely no intent putting up a barrier and excluding people like me from enjoying an otherwise pleasurable experience that would be equally interesting and engaging in it’s own right without the inclusion of very frequent ‘f bombs’.

I know, I know, ‘if you don’t like it, remove yourself’, blah blah blah. I just don’t think it is always necessary. Am I a prude? Maybe, but I’ve put myself in this public position by choice. I like writing and I hope people like reading. My opinion may be similar to yours and it may vary greatly, who cares? It is what it is and I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Thanks social media for enabling us all to share with any one at any time, to be judged on our thoughts and ideas by people who you’ve never met!!!!

Social media can be damaging but I believe it has had a role in shaping me into a better person or at least opened my eyes and given me insights into a reality that positions me somewhere around ‘normal’ on the bell curve of being what a person should be, whatever that is!

Swearing is much more socially acceptable now than in previous generations, especially for women? Evolution is strange. There are so many avenues of disussion I could open up here but I don’t have anything to back anything up so I won’t!

How does the use of profanity affect how others perceive you? Well, I tried to google some insight here but came up with nil…………………so have a think about it and make up your own mind 🙂


About Treasures

I am a scrooge, a creative and I love a bargain. I am honest, critical, serious, busy, organised and ever changing. I get paid to educate children in the public system but that in no way defines who I am. I am defined by my children, who are my world. I don't dote over them. I do love them. I apply my mothering skills in a way that hopefully leads to having raised fine children who are honest and make the best choices. I am not a massive risk taker, courageous or brave. I like comfort, prediction and ideals. I have recently embarked on a mission to rid some Treasures via a Facebook selling page and it is so far, going well. Treasure hunting is something I love and the thrill of a good find is palpitating. I venture on a hunt at every given opportunity.
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