The finest point


The finest point – honesty.

A friend posted this on her Facebook status one time and it has stuck with me since:


I used the image from here. I haven’t read the blog it was attached to but google imaged Marcus Aurelius and found it that way!

Story tellers are what I don’t like – people who have heard something along the way and pass it on as if it is theirs to share, unconsciously claiming the story as theirs and being given the right to pass it on no matter how much exaggeration is applied.  Gossiping I guess. We all do it. Gossiping. Bitching. Call it what you like but there’s nothing like listening to the juicy details of somebody else’s usually unfortunate happenings. I try and take it lightly and certainly don’t rely on second hand information. Of course I have shared and passed on things I shouldn’t have but it didn’t make me feel any good and I like to think that as I wisen up with the years that keep sneaking up on me, I stop.

Then there’s those that take everything they hear or read as gospel. Whether it be on t.v, the radio, a pod cast, whatever. No matter who is telling you the information (warranted, some people are more likely closer to the truth than others) what you are hearing is someone’s opinion based on their experiences, values, beliefs and whatever is happening in their lives. Rarely can that be transferred to others. Unless you have first hand interactions and you relied on one of your senses to experience it than what you are passing on is not yours to share. Holding back something you feel needs sharing is hard but make the listener aware and give them the choice to value the information based on the fact that you are not claiming it as your own. Make the first words that come out of your mouth the most important, ‘not my story but I heard’, ‘I didn’t do it but I heard’ 🙂

Be critical, always be critical. I am and I need to learn to control it more and not always verbalise it – nothing like hanging with a negative Nancy!!! Question it, if it doesn’t feel right, question it. Trust your gut. Listen to your inner voice. If people can’t justify the words coming out of their mouth, why should you believe it. Seek more. Clarify.

People watching – another past time we all seem to get a kick out of. I used to enjoy making up stories about the people I people watched based purely on what they looked like. How fair is that? I’m glad to say my days are now filled with tasks that don’t allow time for such activities! Judging is what it is and the quickest and easiest way to judge is appearance. Your perspective is based on your beliefs, values and life experiences, don’t pass them off as the norm. Society has evolved in such a way that we are all very critical of each other’s appearances and we all know the links I could make here but it doesn’t need to be retold. I am very judgemental, I admit that but I also keep my judgements to myself – they are my thoughts and not necessarily those of others.

Be conscious, aware, honest and whole.

Conscious of your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Aware of your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Be honest with your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Tell the whole story and understand how anything other than, can and will affect others.

When has being honest got you in more trouble than being dishonest?

The finest point – honesty.



About Treasures

I am a scrooge, a creative and I love a bargain. I am honest, critical, serious, busy, organised and ever changing. I get paid to educate children in the public system but that in no way defines who I am. I am defined by my children, who are my world. I don't dote over them. I do love them. I apply my mothering skills in a way that hopefully leads to having raised fine children who are honest and make the best choices. I am not a massive risk taker, courageous or brave. I like comfort, prediction and ideals. I have recently embarked on a mission to rid some Treasures via a Facebook selling page and it is so far, going well. Treasure hunting is something I love and the thrill of a good find is palpitating. I venture on a hunt at every given opportunity.
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2 Responses to The finest point

    • Treasures says:

      Sometimes I’m not sure if what in trying to say gets out in words. I often wonder if I’m painting a dim view of myself. Your comments help with clarity!

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