Chocolate is my weakness. There are many of us that can admit this and a few that don’t understand it…..

I quit once. Yes, I quit eating chocolate. I was in my mid twenties and determined to be fit (skinny) and I did it. I had headaches for two weeks but not only did I quit chocolate, I practically quit eating. I ate as little as possible – my daily menu consisted of a weetbix for breakfast, 2 rice cakes and 2 plums during the day with lean cuisine for dinner. During that time I was at uni and also worked 2 fairly physical jobs; night fill at Big W and in the garden centre at Bunnings. What inspired me to cut my food intake drastically was my reflection. I caught it one day when I was out to lunch and it made me realise how uncomfortable I was in my own skin. I needed to do something to change it and I did. At first it felt great, I lost some weight and the compliments starting rolling, ‘have you been working out?’, ‘where’s your ass gone?’. I’ve always had a bigger bottom!! Following the compliment rolling was pant falling. I was having to wear a belt to keep my size 8 shorts on and I could see the gasps when I entered the first uni lecture after 3 months off and then my sister commented about my protruding hip bones. Well, I’m glad I woke up before it became a problem, I began to eat again and until this day chocolate is my best friend.

I go through stages, as all women do (!), with the amount of chocolate I eat (devour) but it’s not often a day goes past when I don’t have any. For example today, I polished off a whole block of Cadbury peppermint, yesterday I had a twix, a snickers and some dove (it was shopping day!!). Sometimes chocolate is replaced with lollies but I think chocolate is my first love. I know it’s not the best replacement for lunch but hey, I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner and it’s not as if I’m not active enough to work most of it off.

My weight is fairly steady but it’s my shape and how I feel that is more important. I’m alert to what is going on and I know when I need to cut back. I play sport, I walk and well, I don’t stop really, ever. I’m always moving. My 19 year old sister took a photo of my stomach the other day because she can’t believe I’ve got abs. It’s not on purpose, I don’t work out, I believe it’s the chocolate!!!

I’m 35 soon, have 2 kids and remember when my mum was this age. She was fit and active but unfortunately was soon to be hit with the big C. She battled for 12 years but was finally taken in 2010. The significance in this is that my mum passed on the love of chocolate – thanks mum 🙂 My dad, he’s a good one too, passed on my love of music and Treasures 🙂

Let’s face it, an addiction to chocolate is far more rewarding, cheaper and much less detrimental than many other addictions. The one thing I do  believe is the same though is, it is a choice. I choose chocolate and live with the consequences. If you choose alcohol or drugs then you must also live with the consequences and if you let it get to the point where it negatively affects those that love you the most then you still have the choice and the power to let go of that addiction.

Treasures (facebook) is waiting for me to begin my Tuesday night sale and I think this blogging thing may just stick – I quite enjoy, just writing. I don’t really care if no-one reads it this time, it’s a good avenue to release and reflect.


About Treasures

I am a scrooge, a creative and I love a bargain. I am honest, critical, serious, busy, organised and ever changing. I get paid to educate children in the public system but that in no way defines who I am. I am defined by my children, who are my world. I don't dote over them. I do love them. I apply my mothering skills in a way that hopefully leads to having raised fine children who are honest and make the best choices. I am not a massive risk taker, courageous or brave. I like comfort, prediction and ideals. I have recently embarked on a mission to rid some Treasures via a Facebook selling page and it is so far, going well. Treasure hunting is something I love and the thrill of a good find is palpitating. I venture on a hunt at every given opportunity.
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One Response to Weakness

  1. reannonhope says:

    I quit chocolate once too! I woke up on New Year’s Day of 1999 & thought ” that’s it! I’ve got to stop! It’s out of control!!!” And stop I did- for the whole year! I even fell pregnant in July & was able to abstain. Nowadays I indulge but not as much. I’m more of a cake girl 😉

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