School is back and the youngest is sleeping. The chores are done and it’s wet outside. So here I am dreaming……

I keep getting enquiries as to whether I have a shop or just run the business from home. Oh, how I wish I had a shop. I have so many visions of what I would make it. When I was in horticulture I always dreamed of having a little shop that was an eclectic mix of plants, books and coffee. Somewhere cool to hang out and relax but realistically as nice as it would be it would probably never pay for itself.

Fremantle has always been a favourite place of mine. It hasn’t been a place I’ve frequented as much is the last few years because it kind of started feeling too trendy but Zaali and I went there on Friday and I do still love it. The dreams were happening again – how cool would it be to have a little shop in Freo, so what do I do but jump online and start looking. I found this, this and this. The potential is enormous and I’ve always had an interest in interior design and I know I could make it work. But, there’s always a but, if I opened a shop, how on earth would I manage to go treasure hunting, which is what I love most. Would I be able to cope cooped up in a shop knowing there are treasures to be hunted? At the moment the answer is no.

There is a solution. A house with a shop front. How ideal would that be – live out the back or up the top and work out the front. Be available when home at the ring of a bell or by phonecall or appointment. A little shop in the country with a house out the back.

This would do just nicely thanks.


I’m on the hunt.


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Why fuss?

It was the last day of the school holidays today and as Zaali was playing on her ipod at lunch time she decided to google ‘yummy kid food for lunch at home’ to see what she could have for lunch. She then proceeded to point out all these creative lunch choices such as a vegemite sandwich shaped and cut to look like a panda and a banana and pancake concoction made to look like a macaroon.

She had cheese on crackers.

When it comes to food, I don’t fuss. I don’t see the point in preparing forever to create a great looking meal that is gone in five minutes. To me, food is to sustain us not to entertain us.

Photos are the same. To think, I one day dreamed about being a photographer. I gave it all away when I realised how much was involved in taking a good photo. Taking photos is something I’ve mentioned before. I’d love all my photos to look like they’ve come out of a magazine or that my photographer live in has spent time preparing and taking photos for me or even that he has taught me some of his skills but what it comes down to is that I’m a ‘no fuss’ kind of person.

Not lazy just no fuss.

Those that know me, surely know what I mean. They know I don’t wear make up or own a pair of heels and never know who we’re playing or what position we’re in on the ladder at netball and that in most aspects I live life simply and efficiently. I’m very good at managing, time, money, water and electricity etc I’m resourceful and make do.

Fuss means stress and anxiety – I have enough of that already.

Why fuss?

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The curse

Are there many people, other than the very religious, who don’t swear, even occasionally?

I swear but it’s generally used to exaggerate a point, in anger, pain or shock – I use the ‘f’ word and although I don’t use it, the ‘c’ word doesn’t offend me.

In unfamiliar social surroundings the most extreme swear words I use are ‘shit’ and ‘bloody’ but even then I sometimes sense an uncomfortable aura eminating from my company.

I think I swear when I am nervous and uncomfortable in conversation. If it’s not flowing naturally or I feel intimidated, I think I swear.

On the contrary, I am quite a serious person, a straight kind of person.  Sometimes people tell me I need to loosen up, not about this subject in particular, just generally. Now here comes an opinion, it is mine, I own it, I know you will judge me but here goes:  I think that when you put yourself in the public eye and expose yourself in the public arena, sincerity is paramount and honesty is integral but is swearing necessary. Maybe it’s just me but the ‘f’ word is pretty harsh, and should be kept in the safety zone, with friends, family and between walls! When I read it in people’s writing, hear it spilling from mouths in public places, every now and then I can deal with it, it’s ok, but when it’s commonplace, it kind of makes me cringe and I can’t help but wonder if the swearer is unknowingly and with absolutely no intent putting up a barrier and excluding people like me from enjoying an otherwise pleasurable experience that would be equally interesting and engaging in it’s own right without the inclusion of very frequent ‘f bombs’.

I know, I know, ‘if you don’t like it, remove yourself’, blah blah blah. I just don’t think it is always necessary. Am I a prude? Maybe, but I’ve put myself in this public position by choice. I like writing and I hope people like reading. My opinion may be similar to yours and it may vary greatly, who cares? It is what it is and I’m just sharing my thoughts.

Thanks social media for enabling us all to share with any one at any time, to be judged on our thoughts and ideas by people who you’ve never met!!!!

Social media can be damaging but I believe it has had a role in shaping me into a better person or at least opened my eyes and given me insights into a reality that positions me somewhere around ‘normal’ on the bell curve of being what a person should be, whatever that is!

Swearing is much more socially acceptable now than in previous generations, especially for women? Evolution is strange. There are so many avenues of disussion I could open up here but I don’t have anything to back anything up so I won’t!

How does the use of profanity affect how others perceive you? Well, I tried to google some insight here but came up with nil…………………so have a think about it and make up your own mind 🙂

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The finest point


The finest point – honesty.

A friend posted this on her Facebook status one time and it has stuck with me since:


I used the image from here. I haven’t read the blog it was attached to but google imaged Marcus Aurelius and found it that way!

Story tellers are what I don’t like – people who have heard something along the way and pass it on as if it is theirs to share, unconsciously claiming the story as theirs and being given the right to pass it on no matter how much exaggeration is applied.  Gossiping I guess. We all do it. Gossiping. Bitching. Call it what you like but there’s nothing like listening to the juicy details of somebody else’s usually unfortunate happenings. I try and take it lightly and certainly don’t rely on second hand information. Of course I have shared and passed on things I shouldn’t have but it didn’t make me feel any good and I like to think that as I wisen up with the years that keep sneaking up on me, I stop.

Then there’s those that take everything they hear or read as gospel. Whether it be on t.v, the radio, a pod cast, whatever. No matter who is telling you the information (warranted, some people are more likely closer to the truth than others) what you are hearing is someone’s opinion based on their experiences, values, beliefs and whatever is happening in their lives. Rarely can that be transferred to others. Unless you have first hand interactions and you relied on one of your senses to experience it than what you are passing on is not yours to share. Holding back something you feel needs sharing is hard but make the listener aware and give them the choice to value the information based on the fact that you are not claiming it as your own. Make the first words that come out of your mouth the most important, ‘not my story but I heard’, ‘I didn’t do it but I heard’ 🙂

Be critical, always be critical. I am and I need to learn to control it more and not always verbalise it – nothing like hanging with a negative Nancy!!! Question it, if it doesn’t feel right, question it. Trust your gut. Listen to your inner voice. If people can’t justify the words coming out of their mouth, why should you believe it. Seek more. Clarify.

People watching – another past time we all seem to get a kick out of. I used to enjoy making up stories about the people I people watched based purely on what they looked like. How fair is that? I’m glad to say my days are now filled with tasks that don’t allow time for such activities! Judging is what it is and the quickest and easiest way to judge is appearance. Your perspective is based on your beliefs, values and life experiences, don’t pass them off as the norm. Society has evolved in such a way that we are all very critical of each other’s appearances and we all know the links I could make here but it doesn’t need to be retold. I am very judgemental, I admit that but I also keep my judgements to myself – they are my thoughts and not necessarily those of others.

Be conscious, aware, honest and whole.

Conscious of your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Aware of your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Be honest with your thoughts and words and how they can and will affect others.

Tell the whole story and understand how anything other than, can and will affect others.

When has being honest got you in more trouble than being dishonest?

The finest point – honesty.


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Chocolate is my weakness. There are many of us that can admit this and a few that don’t understand it…..

I quit once. Yes, I quit eating chocolate. I was in my mid twenties and determined to be fit (skinny) and I did it. I had headaches for two weeks but not only did I quit chocolate, I practically quit eating. I ate as little as possible – my daily menu consisted of a weetbix for breakfast, 2 rice cakes and 2 plums during the day with lean cuisine for dinner. During that time I was at uni and also worked 2 fairly physical jobs; night fill at Big W and in the garden centre at Bunnings. What inspired me to cut my food intake drastically was my reflection. I caught it one day when I was out to lunch and it made me realise how uncomfortable I was in my own skin. I needed to do something to change it and I did. At first it felt great, I lost some weight and the compliments starting rolling, ‘have you been working out?’, ‘where’s your ass gone?’. I’ve always had a bigger bottom!! Following the compliment rolling was pant falling. I was having to wear a belt to keep my size 8 shorts on and I could see the gasps when I entered the first uni lecture after 3 months off and then my sister commented about my protruding hip bones. Well, I’m glad I woke up before it became a problem, I began to eat again and until this day chocolate is my best friend.

I go through stages, as all women do (!), with the amount of chocolate I eat (devour) but it’s not often a day goes past when I don’t have any. For example today, I polished off a whole block of Cadbury peppermint, yesterday I had a twix, a snickers and some dove (it was shopping day!!). Sometimes chocolate is replaced with lollies but I think chocolate is my first love. I know it’s not the best replacement for lunch but hey, I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner and it’s not as if I’m not active enough to work most of it off.

My weight is fairly steady but it’s my shape and how I feel that is more important. I’m alert to what is going on and I know when I need to cut back. I play sport, I walk and well, I don’t stop really, ever. I’m always moving. My 19 year old sister took a photo of my stomach the other day because she can’t believe I’ve got abs. It’s not on purpose, I don’t work out, I believe it’s the chocolate!!!

I’m 35 soon, have 2 kids and remember when my mum was this age. She was fit and active but unfortunately was soon to be hit with the big C. She battled for 12 years but was finally taken in 2010. The significance in this is that my mum passed on the love of chocolate – thanks mum 🙂 My dad, he’s a good one too, passed on my love of music and Treasures 🙂

Let’s face it, an addiction to chocolate is far more rewarding, cheaper and much less detrimental than many other addictions. The one thing I do  believe is the same though is, it is a choice. I choose chocolate and live with the consequences. If you choose alcohol or drugs then you must also live with the consequences and if you let it get to the point where it negatively affects those that love you the most then you still have the choice and the power to let go of that addiction.

Treasures (facebook) is waiting for me to begin my Tuesday night sale and I think this blogging thing may just stick – I quite enjoy, just writing. I don’t really care if no-one reads it this time, it’s a good avenue to release and reflect.

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I’m back – well, briefly…….

Hello hello

It has been quite some time since I’ve been here. After finding the effort applied in writing and publishing wasn’t fairly weighted with the reward of followers and commenters I threw in the towel. I’ve continued reading blogs and started following new ones which has made me revisit here.

Since then, many things have changed. The most significant of which is that I started my own Facebook selling page ‘Treasures‘!!!!

The inspiration behind that move came from the discovery of other Facebook selling pages ‘All Things Vintage’ and ‘Creative Juices’. Meeting like minded people was the idea behind my sharing and writing this blog in the first place but this didn’t come about until I had already given up.

In the short time my page has been up and running, I’ve managed to coax over 600 people into liking my page and have many regular return customers all the while fulfilling my love of Treasure hunting. It has been difficult to say goodbye to some things but hooley dooley when you have as much as I do it has to be done and when it gives me more reason (excuse) to go out and find more then why the hell not!!

It’s not a money making expedition. The little bit of extra money I do make is put back into sourcing and obtaining more Treasures while occasionally buying something for myself. You know from previous posts where I buy things and how much I pay, it’s not a secret. My mark ups aren’t huge and I’m motivated by providing people with the Treasures they love at good prices.

Who knows if I keep this blog writing thing up – that would depend….on lots of factors really but while I’ve got the time and the inclination I’ll plod along and share.

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